Sunday, February 12, 2012

Incredible piece

Entitled "Anatomy of an Unsafe Abortion" by a blogger doctor.

This story isn't from pre-Roe. It's from this year. American women are still dying from unsafe abortions, and yet people want to go back to the days of kitchen table butchers. This passage especially struck me:

The urologist, a grizzled older man with whom I had nothing in common except a medical degree and this patient, rested his hand on my shoulder. It was a kind, fatherly gesture. The weight was comforting.

“You done good.” He said. And then he added, “Those bastards.”

I knew he was referring not just to the physician who did this procedure, but to everyone in society who had contributed to a disadvantaged woman finding herself in such a desperate situation.

We all contribute, whether we give money to churches that want to force women to give birth or die (but they do so much gooooood work), when we are too frightened to write a letter to the editor to protest insane legislation, when we vote for pro-forced birth candidates because they're the least crazy.

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